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Subjective Yaw

For History the understanding of the past, not estsimplesmente on to a sporadical act, but is composed of a net well more complex. In History ' ' faixa' ' they are the sources, it wants to be a historian, it … Continue reading


The Circumstances

These atalhospercorridos for the orality had allowed in them to arrive until that night where seuDion after I came of noitada in bodega of its Alpio, found with one fera navereda that its house passed pra. I naked age home … Continue reading


Organizational Cultures

Main reasons that manifest the undeniable triumph in some organizational cultures. Introduction successful companies seek to be flexible and sensitive to accept social and cultural differences of their staff, so they become perceptive and adaptable to perform their functions. Some … Continue reading

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Bolivares Fuertes

As for months it was announced, the restructuring of our national currency, the Bolivar, is underway. The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) has already initiated the necessary campaign to explain to us that this is what will be its scope … Continue reading

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Email Marketing Tips

In this era in which spam filters are becoming increasingly stronger, getting emails from our Email Marketing campaign correctly into the Inbox of our subscribers represents every time a bigger challenge. Here I present 5 tips to avoid being categorized … Continue reading

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