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Making Changes

Hopefully for the better … But to make changes more quickly, systematically and on a large scale, it should be adhere to the following simple rules: 1.Sostavit with an agreement or pledge to give himself continually to improve their lives. … Continue reading

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Make a list of needs for which your family spends money. Then take away from these priorities and vital, which is enough 9 / 10 of your family income. The rest will simply erase – to better times. They say … Continue reading

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Gold Tips Bathroom

A great scholar said: ' ' No mortal can conceive the degree of union and harmony that God destined for the man and mulher.' ' * Therefore the more the wife and the husband are syntonized, more blessing would be … Continue reading


Choosing A Partner For Marriage

What we pay attention to when choosing a partner for marriage? The feelings, the desire for a man to his personal qualities and financial situation. Generally decided to allocate two basic approaches to family planning: a marriage of love and … Continue reading

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