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The July Issue Of Reseller Magazine From Available

Grouponing, Couponing, coupons – mini shops for Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Web pages – quo vadis E-book – the new cancellation policy – so success in the part of the Internet works 4 the new reseller magazine is now available. … Continue reading

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Valuation Of Old Books

The appraisal of old books is a very special service within the types of taxes that companies can offer appraisals. Usually companies do not include service pricing appraisal of old books, as in the days of today are fewer and … Continue reading


The Term

Already the term society, still according to Luft (1999, p.612), is defined by the following one: Set of the members of a community, subjects to the same laws; association of people with a common objective of culture, commerce of industry. … Continue reading



Who goes with me? Alo! Ol, Doctor, please, I have a delicate and very sigiloso subject. I find that the youngster who entered with clica, was to assassinate attacked what me. Please, you he can be of eye in it … Continue reading


Gumbrecht Tragedy

It was Friedrich Schiller that formulated ideas on the theory of the tragedy, emphasizing the moral construction through which the tragedy would have to improve its auditoriums, but, ahead of the critical one of Kant, a strong impact it influenced … Continue reading