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Vaseline Cold

Dog accessories and what care does my dog in the winter? Despite cold winter temperatures, most dogs to walk and play in the snow love it. Huskies and other Arctic breeds feel really cold temperatures. This is of course with … Continue reading

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Ball Python

The Python Regius is one of the most kept snakes in the reptile. But where does this snake and what looks like its Habitat? The ball Python is as impossible to imagine Terrariumtier since the 1990s. His calm nature and … Continue reading

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Wild Land With Jerusalem Artichoke

Complex and merits of a permanent wild Ackers with Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a plant of the sunflower, the 2.5 4 m can be high. The perennial forms numerous cold hardy tubers with a high proportion of … Continue reading

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