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The Secret Of Real Power

Gain power, real power, is relatively easy, although it is not something that is achieved immediately. What is the real power base? Real power comes from a deep understanding of the nature of the universe and of the mind. The … Continue reading

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Living Better

BETTER living to live but there are no more than a single fate: all give us life that removes us death. Jose Bergamin. THE level of income affects the health of LOS citizens the main causes of death are cardiovascular … Continue reading


Latin America

FAO warns that 80% of the global fish stocks are overexploited. 30% Of marine species are below the safe biological limit. Each day grows the fear that may not regenerate. In a few years, seas will be esquilmados and the … Continue reading

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United States

This book also won several awards, including the prize Chianchiano in Italy, and the best foreign book in France and in Spain.-his life always has been surrounded by political problems-in 1981 had to leave Colombia and exile in Mexico, since … Continue reading



It is important to recognize that information is an input for the existence of knowledge, but it is not the only, she must add creativity and reflection and also other types of information context that is not organized or simply … Continue reading

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Website Simple

Everyone would love to make a little more money. Sometimes, just a little to supplement extra expenses, can be of great help. Today it is easy to think you get a bit of extra cash in their bank accounts. Most … Continue reading

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This is a knowledge that can change, which is evolving. This we can call him not encoded social knowledge. For its part, personal knowledge is which is built by the individual, is a knowledge of each one. This is public … Continue reading

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Colonel Jose Felix Bogado

At the time, in colonial times and the creation of the reductions, the Franciscans-somehow-respected and maintained Guarani names as names of their reductions, as in the case of Ka'asapa, Juty, Atyra, Kapi'ata, Jaguar, etc.. 2.13. Place names with names of … Continue reading


International Day

One more year, as each on October 17, the international day for the eradication of poverty was held. This day has been conducting annually, beginning in 1993, since his statement by Assembly General of the United Nations with the purpose … Continue reading

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Western Money

We achieved everything that we want it to achieve, but we are unable to focus on what you do really sublime to human existence within a fairness of concepts. If it is difficult to establish which is the average of … Continue reading

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