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Cyprus Collishaw

If you intend to take in places of interest, you should not miss the Foundling Museum and the newly opened exhibition of works by famous artists. The famous works of Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin and Paula Rego and galleries occupy … Continue reading


Russian Federation

The value of the tax rate depends also on the property value. At present, assessment of houses, apartments, villas and cottages to private individuals by way of inheritance or gift, made technical organizations Inventory (BTI), evaluation of technical tools – … Continue reading

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Re-registration is required Ltd. measure, forced to, if followed by the composition of the company, changing the legal address of the company, a change of director and t.d.t. Learn more on the subject from Chevron Corp. ie, any procedure to … Continue reading

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Contradicting Consumer Rights

Bona fide members as contests and tender and does claim that the law of tenders and auctions contrary to the rights of the consumer. Reason for this has accumulated a lot. Comment on the status of public procurement and the … Continue reading

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A detailed description and requirements for shareholders’ agreements are listed in article 32.1 of the Federal Law of 26 December 1995 N 208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies”, at This indicated the federal law was supplemented by an article about shareholders’ … Continue reading

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