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Life Reassessment

New Year – a time when a person decides to start a new life. In the past year, goes the old with its problems and failures. And we look forward to the new year, expecting that now, we're just going … Continue reading

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World Golconda

Some stories say that one of the Patriarchs has found a way to Golconda, and that he wants to bring other Damned to Golconda, and plans to break their opponents. SASC brings even more insight to the discussion. In truth, … Continue reading


Price Equivalence

What is the cost, and how it formed? Generally, if very briefly, the problem is solved quite simply. All markets at all times in its development of new and vibrational returns to equilibrium when the demand for goods is balanced … Continue reading

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Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky

Gleb Zinoviev, online newspaper world of Kabbalah What is the most practical solution may be to offer people? – He needs to know about the world in which he lives today. Today, we must learn again to live in an … Continue reading

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And if you who is being threatened, then you need to return the threat, but in real life. Another point – these letters try to incorporate an element of dependency, the manipulative, the thus a man trying to take his … Continue reading

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For example, in hunting, pastoral tribes, ie, the tribes, where the staple food made by men who exploit women defined by matriarchy distribution of products in an unequal labor contribution of women and men in their production. It is in … Continue reading

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Despite the horrors of previous wars, in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan have been isolated new war. In many regions of the world war, continues today. According to the latest WHO victims of wars from 1955 to 2003 were 5.4 million … Continue reading

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