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Pamela Morel Show

It comes to Fabiano Rossi and it enjoys the best show in the best atmosphere comfortably Music, song, friendship, beauty, emotion, celebration. An extraordinary show in one night unforgettable To pure eque the big shot Alexander Araya has consolidated an … Continue reading


Familiar Conciliation Work And School

Every day more, the labor life within a company demands that the families must spend more hours separated, nobody works less than 8 hours today and adding the hours to him that one uses in traveling from its house to … Continue reading



As a result of it, the pro-government candidate of Cardoso, Jose Serra, lost the presidential elections of the 2002, at the hands of if, of Lula da Silva. Lula papa insists on teaching to Cristina who the power problem is … Continue reading


The Collective

19.8. ACCORDING TO CLUB TYPE 19.8.1. ANONYMOUS SOCIETY DEFINITION The societies annimas are societies whose capital is divided in action and that some opportunities have directory. And the partners are denominated shareholders who have responsibility limited the contribution. … Continue reading


Mental Ordering Process

This dynamics of our process mental ordering and secuenciado by the norms logics, the deductions, the strategies and as we commit errors. All this has enriched the thought. Knowing that the memory exactly does not reproduce our previous experiences or … Continue reading


Ramiro Ruiz

I add mustard of Dijon and olive oil to the yolks, I crush and them until they have a creamy consistency. Soon I add this mixture in center of the clear ones and soon I put salt of the cltico … Continue reading


Technical Attendance

To extend the service of library. To incorporate technological innovations in the area of computer science. To identify itself with the offer of the courses online, virtual classrooms. To maintain a climate propitious, to develop the academic activities. 10. To … Continue reading


Galeazzo Robert

One assumed that Galeazzo Robert would have to arrive in the first flight of the day, before the airport with local and foreign travellers became congested. It was precise to receive it and to lead it to the office of … Continue reading


Dog Training

In this article we will describe how to educate to a puppy of dog in important moral convention of not soiling within the house, that is to say, teaching to him to go correctly bathroom. First that nothing we must … Continue reading

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USA International

And when it is arrived at the stage of liberalization of the negotiation of the Chinese currency (that will take place by an interest of China and not by the pressures of the USA so that it happens), we do … Continue reading