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Paid Surveys

The issue of paid surveys companies is one of the most sought after in the network issues. Many people believe that it’s a scam, but in many cases it is not. As in any business, there are always those who … Continue reading


The Value

My only consolation It is that I’m going to leave the company and will not have to confront the customer when the product fails. The majority of employees cannot abandon the company, so is self-imposed restriction and only sell products … Continue reading


Marketing Speak

If your marketing actions doesn’t work, who back you your money? It would be nice to have a warranty, truth? The pure truth of the matter is that nobody gives you guarantees, because nobody is really convinced of the worth … Continue reading


Carlos Ghosn

Bankers and executives should think about what you have championed for years and assume responsibilities are gloomy times ahead: adjusts the direction or will have depression, Nouriel Roubini, the great guru of the crisis alerts. We have to change the … Continue reading

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