Taman Peninsula

They quickly obzhili Taman Peninsula, and took their hands on the western section of the Silk Road, established trade with Europe and Asia. In 965 Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev undertook a campaign of Khazar lands and by destroying their capital, founded the Russian Tmutarakan principality. Until recently there Tmutarakan many considered a fairy tale. After the coming of the Slavs, Khazars disappeared without a trace. Some historians believe that the descendants of the Khazars settled gone to Don. In Russian chronicles mention the mysterious people – “roamers” who live at the fords of the rivers of the steppe. Apparently, they became the ancestors of the Don Cossacks. Outskirts of Russia, Tmutarakan, short-lived, little more than a hundred years.

Under the blows of the 12th century Polovtsy Tmutarakan lost contact with the Russian lands, and came under the influence of Byzantium. Later there was dominated by the Genoese and the end of the 15th century undivided master of the Black Sea was Turkey. Russian colonization of the Kuban and the Caucasus began in the reign of Catherine the Great. To strengthen the southern borders of the empire and the exit to the Black Sea had been sent here great commander Alexander Suvorov. Paul Price shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. He led the negotiations here with local tribes and was engaged in construction of military fortifications and fortresses. After completion of the Russian-Turkish, Caucasian War and later, in 1860 there was formed Kuban area, which became the Russian Empire. An interesting fact is that, according to the chronicler Nikon baptism Russes in Taman occurred long before the general baptism of Kievan Rus. The so-called “baptism Fotiev” took place in 865 villages in the area of the current Golubitskaya.

Taman Peninsula, with its rich history and extraordinary nature, has long inspired poets and writers. These sites have been described and praised by ancient, Byzantine, Iranian and Old Russian chroniclers and poets, and later – by Lermontov and Pushkin. Diary of Pechorin in his famous “A Hero of Our Time” begins the head of Lermontov “Taman”. Many do not even suspect that this is where many scenes were unfolding Russian fairy tales. Here on the high bank of the sea cages for singing madder and uplift the heavy waves underwater king Chernomor. At Taman land ruled by King Peas. It is here was famous Lukomorye and “green oak”, windy and Sivkov Burkov … The Tammany was, shimmering gold, and fairy king – deg. And where, if not on this earth, he must – in fact it is the Taman Peninsula sunniest place in Russia. Hundreds of kilometers of beaches of golden sand with clear water attract many lovers of untouched nature. Taman, with its ancient history, mysterious legends and myths, with peculiar charm of natural landscapes – one of the unique parts of the reserve of Russia.

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