The Bows

The familiar convivncia is essential factor for the individual development of the child. It is where it starts to construct its history of life, its identity. It is of the family who will receive the influence from moral values and habits. Also the first social group is the family of which the child will be pleasant and also challenging part, where each one will have its proper identity making with that the familiar relationship if becomes very rewarding. When the child starts to frequent the school, is inserted in a collective universe where relations will be more including as with the professors, pupils, employees, with the knowledge and the world.

Its adaptation to this new social group and its way to learn will depend very on its familiar luggage. Therefore a great concern of the school in narrowing the bows exists to the family. As much the school how much the family is points of sustentation of a human being. It is necessary that it has a harmony between them so that the results in the formation of an individual are positive. Parents and professors must walk together, therefore they have the same objective, that he is to prepare the children for the life.

From there the importance to share ideas, to understand what it happens in day-by-day without judging e, yes, to search solution, therefore everything that if it relates to the son has to see with the family, as well as whom if it relates to the pupil is on to the school. Therefore, if it makes necessary that school and family feel partners in this precious task to transform the child into a conscientious citizen of its rights duties. The children, since very teeny, all learn the time with its family, not only for the words said, but over all, on what they see in it, the form as they act, as they act before the problems.


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