The Chemical

However, they decomposed and give their energy, partially digested and structural change. Now suppose that in addition to changing the chemical composition of consumed with food and drink substances in our body there is another equally important mechanism. This mechanism is genetically formed over thousands of years and provides the splitting of water consumed by destrukturirovanie some microscopic fragments – clusters?. These basic structural components of the water no longer have its original ability to "remember" about previous exposures, since the natural biological destrukturirovanii information about them is almost erased. In other words, thanks to the klastirovaniya, our body as it returns to the water consumption of the original information and ground state, ie, to the state in which it was at the dawn of the universe. Then this have "information and clean water" is absorbed by our cells, which create their own, strictly personal water information and energy structures necessary for their normal functioning. Thus, according to the above mechanism, each of us is its water and its derivatives, blood, lymph, etc. They have a strictly individual physical and chemical properties and bioinformatics, which are defined by their composition and microstructure.

Now suppose that due to some reasons, the mechanism of information purifying water in the body fails. This is most likely in infancy or old age, and if the water consumption oversaturated with information, for example, "charmed water". Then the exterior, in relation to our body, the information gets into his cell and, of course, may affect their functioning. .


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