The Company

It is the art to help the customers to become still better; c) Marketing is the enterprise function that identifies necessities and unsatisfied desires, define and measure its magnitude and its potential of yield, specifies that market-target most will be taken care of by the company, decides on products, adjusted services and programs to serve to these selected markets and convokes to all in the organization to think about the customer and to take care of to the customer. For the administration, ' ' marketing is the set of techniques and activities related with the flow of goods and services of the producer for the consumer. It corresponds to the implantation of the commercial strategy, that very encloses a widened fan of activities, since the study of market, promotion, advertising, sales and assistance after-venda.' '. (Wikipdia, the free encyclopedia). Endomarketing comes of the Greek endo that siginifica position or action in the interior, that is, ' ' movement for dentro' '. It is, therefore, a set of institucional marketing directed for the internal public (employee, shareholding or supplying). It is a form of the organizations to perfect its rendering of services next to its customers, involving all the company in a form way to reach the excellency. So that everything this happens is necessary a management process where each act unchains one more value in the processes and attitudes of all the involved ones.

2.2. Endomarketing x Information: the internal communication We can say that internal communication is that one directed the internal public of the organization, over all its employees. It is one of the most important components of the integrated communication. In accordance with Kunsch (2002, p.159), this importance ' ' it inhabits, over all in the possibilities that it offers of stimulaton to the dialogue and the exchange of information between the executive management and the operational base, in the search for qualidade.' '.


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