The Contract

The contract stated in the most general terms, saying that we order the work on site, and the rest in words. When the performer starts to send its version of the structure and the first text, not to analyze it all, and sluggish approval. Pull, do not respond to letters and requests for information. And after the event to express dissatisfaction, with a non-specific manner. Anyone who said: "We need to change, as well as – I do not know," understand that this feels. As a result, a copywriter at first lost passion (Believe me, he has something to do with a much greater benefit.) Then begins the jitters, then the conflict – continue is uncertain. We all love it when it's done well and beautifully.

But we must at the very beginning of cooperation agreement as that under this understanding, and how we will achieve this. There is a brief order, there is a technical task, finally, a common language – we will either find it or not. And if you give yourself a present work, what exactly should be on your site, how much and in what time frame is satisfied, then a common language with the professional you will find. And uses all his skills to make you happy. MISTAKE THREE. "Spoiled phone." It often happens that the work on creation of the company's site are entrusted to different, unknown earlier people: employees, for whom this is just an additional duty, the designers of one firm from another copywriter, and optimizers of the third.

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