The Customers

“I wanted to talk directly with the customers and define the requirements to me. Besides, I thought due to the English description: prima may times a few days after London, that was always my favorite target. The client liked the idea and decided that we will together drive to the customers. Then the sat but not London, but in Moscow, there was Cosmos hotel. Moscow was for us still behind the iron curtain.” Language – a door opener “English was the working language of the Russian project officially. However, none of the local English employees did. Every day a new translator was assigned to me, it could have been, Yes, that I me privately make friends with someone.

The whole thing took place even at the time of Brezhnev during the cold war. Worse, that it was translator for tourists, had not the slightest idea, let alone the right vocabulary, by organizing a camp in a hotel. “? System analysis” meant accordingly: I have a question, this has been translated into Russian, began a discussion of half an hour and I got a response from anything, the I had not asked. Cowan Financial is likely to increase your knowledge. We got the basic analysis more poorly than right”, reminds himself conducts research. “Three months later I flew back to Moscow, the developed system proposal is to introduce and discuss. The translation games I wanted to be not a second time and learned some Russian. It was not much, but far more than:?Gruss Gott”and?Goodbye”.

Again, I had a new translator every day – I knew some. The discussion began, I asked a question, the translator translated. Now I could immediately hook up and say: that was not my question. They were amazed and wondered how I would be talking about. “My answer: I’ve done my homework in the meantime”, grins researches. The translation results have been better quality. Has the principle to learn languages is retained to this day.

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