The Immanence

But, what does the man do? Interrupted, as you know, the relationship serial to reciprocally link index and the sense, and that union’s reciprocity defined, as we have seen, the immanence of the sign, that is your bifacialidad. On the other hand, it may not be possible that the anthropoid APE, in certain situations of display (and may be to the wild state), be able to select signals (vertical scale) and combine them (horizontal scale), but no ethologist has tested us scientifically that the Monkey has the Faculty of reciprocal analysis of two scales, analysis that define the biaxialidad. And if the fact is already established, should prove that it is capable of performing the dialectic! In other words, if by chance you they find a monkey that manifests itself in front of all these indexes and which has a capacity of analysis at the same time bifacial, biaxial and dialectic, no doubt: as hairy as you’re dealing with a man! This does not mean may think that man is superior to the monkey. We are animals, but different, thats all. Even better, if we had not, as certain animals, at least sensoriality and perception, and we did not have in common with them the ability to treat them naturally, we would be perfectly incapable, by projection of our rationality, emerge to the dialectic of the monkey. This time, we can say that there is no man because there is a monkey in it! What we can be sure is that computer, without owning or sensoriality or perception (which are des them animal representation levels), not could, in any way, to treat them naturally! How do they want to have ability to deal culturally, a natural treatment that has no sign? You can see very well that to speak of artificial intelligence, electronic brain or computer language it is necessary to begin to put a monkey on your computer! It is clear that manufacture intelligence, verbal rationalities, thoughts, in a Word, is nothing more than a dream of enlightened! However, it is true that the machine can reach much farther than the animal and even further than men, and much further still to herself.


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