The Increases

A temperature sensor in the Board allows daily thermal profiles. A Flux share window gives you information on if the flow is being applied with care and in a uniform manner. The wave of welding optimizer makes the welding process of wave easier and more efficient, with the best results. At this time is the optimizer better worlds for the measurement of control and optimization of the interaction between the plate and the wave of welding. Cost of the wave of welding defects: as it is evident that the use of the wave of welding has made things more simple and well organized, but once more this process also has some drawbacks. The wave soldering process also has serious dangers, the cost of production automatically increases with the participation of this process in the manufacturing industry.

In addition to the increases in the cost of manufacturing of the wave of welding if it fails, then also it costs much to the company. The SWPC site has covered all the points that describes the cost factor involved in the use of wave solder. Duration: the duration of any dynamic process can define the time of a dynamic process that still being detained so that the other process to occur. Lead-free wave soldering: the whole world of PCB Assembly is working on the implementation of lead-free soldering, in order to obtain the lead free electronic components. Therefore, the wave soldering process must be transformed in a lead-free process. In order to achieve this vital process free of lead changes are to be made in the wave soldering process and this implies more than the change in the welding of alloy with others. Thermal profiles: the profiling process includes the measurement of the temperature time during the relationship of the travels of the product throughout the process of welding. Data collected through this general process, includes statistics such as temperature point peak, time above liquids and many more.


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