The July Issue Of Reseller Magazine From Available

Grouponing, Couponing, coupons – mini shops for Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Web pages – quo vadis E-book – the new cancellation policy – so success in the part of the Internet works 4 the new reseller magazine is now available. This month we have the theme of couponing, once Grouponing and vouchers closer views, because this is one of the trends of this summer. The textbook author Christian Schwalbe has written an in-depth article and treated all the important aspects of coupons are what ever, what types there are, what applies legally to consider, how to use them optimally and also, where there are opportunities, but also risks this marketing method, starting with. To do this we have put together a list of over 30 coupon portals you, we encountered during our research. List available in the reseller Magazin blog this way for everyone. Further we demonstrate very quickly and easily, how small mini stores for Facebook, Twitter, but also the own blog or other Web pages with the help of the Create service provider Sellaround. These things are incredibly flexible. We use one in the blog as a sales and coupon – also Affiliate module.

To learn how it works, in a detailed step for step instructions. Also we have made us once in the search after the German E-book boom. Announced he has been even more, but no one has seen him. Read our article of quo vadis E-book in the first part of”how it is actually appointed to the German E-book reality and where the boom for remains. In the second part, in the next issue, we deal then with the future of E-books and digital products in General and deal with the question, how to sell digital products in the future. This issue is rounded off by contributing to the new right of withdrawal. We tell you which will now need to know and also, what come in the near future on us too, because the next major change casts its shadow already. And we continue our small success series and explain why shortcuts and Abbreviations do not lead to the goal.

I find, as have many interesting and important information collected you again. As usual in detail, understandable and ad-free. You can discover a lot of new and exciting things that take your business further ahead. With best regards from Hamburg, your Marko Christiansen (reseller magazine editor-in-Chief)

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