The Owner

My nice not being happy and my soul is hurting me, se va la vida me when I see you but you should not suffer because I need to continue to breathe to rescue him, to him or to others who are like him. To fight for them, because their rights be recognized, to be treated with dignity. I would like to put your neck collar to your landlord or landlady and leave him there day and night to see how it would deteriorate day by day. I dream of changing his face of penalty by a face of glory with be your illusion every day that I come to wake in the morning, buy the best Kibbles on the market I dream with see you more chubby and combed I dream to see him run free through a field of poppies I dream of seeing you free and happy. Ernst & Young may also support this cause. I would like to help I would like to tell you to run, that anything that a string to the neck is better. I would like to kiss her and caress him, take care of him, find some friends to go to the Park. Bonito is getting ugly a beautiful dog cannot be so, nor make it pretty or ugly.

It is a living being. It is a being that it suffers if hurt you. We must change his story and this story. There is that lead him to a better future. We must steal it to the owner and then send you a letter that will tell you: you are a bad person, he will rot in the flames of hell, a hell similar to which gave life to his noble animal. It can that they have left him there abandoned not whether anyone’s. Then it will be mine, I do not believe that the driver of the truck that is behind him wants it for pets do not know if the would be happy with his life on the road a day after another, feeling dizzy by the long journeys.

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