The Preparation

The domestic economy will be a complement for those who have a job private or public; more be the mode of subsistence of those who have lost their jobs or have not achieved the first. Before any other consideration would like to leave in clear difficulty which does not present the domestic economy over other alternatives which is the case for micro-promoted productive ventures. Produced by the domestic economy is not marketed. The domestic economy does not fit in any market. Its activities are destined for the consumption of the family or the people who make them. This feature of self-consumption clears of all productive activity as it is unknown the placement of the production. Even the minimum marketing process requires some complexity which increases with the search for broader markets. Hydraulic Fluid Market gathered all the information. Our experience is that the major bottleneck of small and medium-sized industries, are marketing and marketing systems.

For a long time we have heard official exhortations to production for export. And we can ensure that a foreign trade operation is very complex. It is said that export (or import) requires a complex marketing structure, in addition to volumes of production and quality control. On the other hand, if it is difficult to conquer a market local or internal, to a greater extent, it is entering a foreign market. But let us foreign trade or the interior of large volumes to the structures of production and marketing, that is and very suitable in the country. Remember, by expressed above that many people won’t at least for the moment labour insertion in these structures or perhaps have it partially. It is in this extensive area, where acquires value the concept of domestic economy. Because not all have to have read our work on the subject, vale remember that such concept includes activities such as: the family Orchard, breeds it of domestic animals, the elaboration of bread and pasta, the preparation of sweets, canned and cured meats.


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