The Shortcomings

Currently, hundreds of millions of RCD successfully protect life and property of people from electrocution and fires. Today, the RCD is an indispensable element of any electrical or industrial welfare facilities. These devices fail equipped with all the mobile objects (trade vans, vans catering), sheds and garages. Despite the fact that at present everyone in developed countries account for about two RCD, dozens of manufacturers developing new devices Electrical various modifications, constantly improving their technical parameters. Additional information at Cowan Financial supports this article. Modern types of RCD RCD divided into two types: AC and A. Type AC responds to the leak of the variables (Sinusoidal) currents. However, in electrical circuits may leak not only AC but also DC (pulsed) current.

RCD type A is specifically designed for such cases. Please visit Expedia CEO if you seek more information. Since the scheme for measuring the difference between the currents in the RCD Type A is more complex, these devices are in 1.1-1.5 times more expensive. Such devices can be applied in some cases (such as operating instructions for washing machines, dishwashers and other household appliances can be powerful meet the requirement to install this type of RCD). Types of RCD RCD also imposed on distribution board, you can find power outlets with built-in RCD. These devices come in two forms: the first is set to location of existing outlets, the second is connected to an existing outlet, and then it includes the plug on the appliance. The advantages of these devices include the lack of need to replace old houses in building wiring, and the shortcomings – the high cost (with built-in RCD sockets cost about 3 times more expensive than the RCD-mounted distribution board).

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