The Sports

Coaching as a generic discipline, as a trade that extends beyond sports, emerges from this experience. It seeks to bring to different terrains the kind of results that in his field, generated the deportivo coach. What does, in fact, the sports coach What is the nature of its intervention? This is relatively simple. It’s an intervention to the generation of accurate results service be the overcoming of a brand and ensure a victory against an adversary. To achieve this the sports coach seeks to identify factors that interfere in the result to achieve and develop the conditions and competences that will facilitate their achievement. On the other hand, should mention the principles of Coaching are not new.

What perhaps even if it is their approach to tutoring in its three aspects: personal, Executive and business. These last two back its terms in the 1980s leadership programs. We can say that the Coaching applied to the business world has had its boom since the second half of the 1980s approximately. When some thinkers of the science of business administration became interested in the way as coaches or coach heading for sports teams and players. In addition to finding the best way to implement sports methods in the business field. This boom came about as a result of the constant demands of consultants requested by various businesses, companies and organizations, and as a result of the rapid changes demanded by the global market. Currently, Coaching, despite having no techniques or tools framed in one area of knowledge, still evolving and increasing its use in the professional and business field; in order to respond successfully to the needs and requirements of organizations and their environment in general. Definition of Coaching is understood by Coaching (personalized advice) the process of helping people or teams of people to perform to the best of their abilities.


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