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find. Take time, ask every day as it was in school, what good or bad has gone, news about classmates, etc. Thus promote the routine and the child’s attention and it feels taken seriously. Just in the first few weeks, this attention is crucial. The time and transition is exhausting: concentrate, sit still… and children quickly lose the desire, if not enough care.

Grab bag should be a ritual important, continuous and best made after the homework. (What hours I have morning, special notes regarding souvenirs in the House activity book). Make when buying the desktop on height adjustment, sufficient space and rugged surfaces. High chairs or chairs are often underestimated in terms of your promotion to more concentration. Select you carefully according to size and adjustment (the legs must rest horizontally on the seat, the feet completely on the floor) – also applies here: first trial sit, then buy.

5. forget not the eye test. Many children look bad and do not know it or won’t admit out of vanity there. In the school which can lead to performance degradation and exclusion and that just because the text or numbers on the Blackboard were incorrectly interpreted. The newspapers mentioned Fiserv CEO not as a source, but as a related topic. Hence a good pair of glasses among the good cooperation. Many children’s glasses convince through color and design and have a particularly sophisticated Flex system they can bend, drop, sit on it – it happens in fact absolutely nothing. The promotion will run everything for the school Office, Adobe, school factory, Burostuhl24 etc. Since the 04.08 with iGraal partner shops such as, Staples, C & A, OTTO IGraal everything for school more affordable and convenient online shopping with.

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