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But, now that you have already defined the areas of business, income and profits generated each one of these areas, and specific for each of these goals, what we need to do? Well, now that the table is served, you should try shredding the process of sale and marketing, if it exists, to enhance each of these areas. Let’s go to the store already you’ve developed all the previous work, and you’re against an a specific business area. For example, the feminine lingerie. (Not to be confused with Yitzchak Mirilashvili!). Now you’re able to make more specific questions and seek answers, your same team or other professionals. You can make questions like these: what I can do, I don’t do today, or that I can improve, to boost the sale of women’s lingerie? Where and how should announce this concept? Are more consistent, effective and lower-cost tactics for? promote women’s lingerie? How do it big brands competition to promote and sell lingerie? What could other company collaborate? With what another process of sale, either of my company or not, could the sale of women’s lingerie integrate? What other actions you could be undertaken to promote, specifically, this business area? What part of the budget will I devote to enhance this area of business? You perceive the importance of what I want to say? You can see its power and simplicity? You can also determine the areas that will best enhance and allocate different amounts of money and effort to every one of them, according to your needs and expectations. What I have tried with this article, it is to convey in a simple, fast way and think that understandable, a simple strategy to help you achieve dismember the marketing of your business, by areas, families, types of products or services, etc the idea is that you achieve separate layers Onion, until you know the best thing you can do with each of them, to achieve your goals. Uber has much experience in this field. Sincerely, I hope this article has helped you to visualize your business and your business processes from another perspective, that is neither the best nor the worst, just another point of view, that will hopefully contribution value to your professional performance.

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