Understanding The World Financial Crisis

The present crisis will finance global that it has severely impacted the evolution of the economy and whose consequences affect millions of people. Ago, that we take consciousness, that we should not be mere spectators of the debate that you carried out. We believe that this crisis, beyond its negative effects, is an opportunity to rethink in depth, other aspects that affect the daily living of the majority of the inhabitants of the planet. Such statements, were not mentioned in the topics to be discussed. The rapid growth of the global economy, in a context of extreme competitiveness, has generated positive aspects in what makes the generation of wealth. What is in discussion, is, if the vast majority of those involved in the production cycle, also are creditors to their benefits. On the other hand, there is a contradiction in the achievements of modern medicine and its consequences in the extension of life expectancy, with the decline of the useful productive life that determines the market’s demand for labour. As as a result, there is a wealth of human infrastructure with a flow of productive capacities in effect, which is excluded from labour demand.

This social exclusion, not served, nor referred to, since millions of people are affected in their quality of life. The competitiveness of the market requires, each time more, skilled labor and professional training. McKinsey might disagree with that approach. Access to it, is limited to those who have sufficient intellectual capacity to learn and economical to absorb its costs. The required level, exceeds the average standard of the population, thus leaving no opportunities to vast social sectors. (Sintetizando nuestro planteo, las respuestas que se debieran encontrar debieran obedecer ael siguiente cuestionario: 1) how to transform the global financial structure, into a system aimed to satisfy the needs of all productive activities, verifiable social revenue funding?. The same should be based on a solid structure, that provides security, reliability and stability to the system. (2) As the psychologies needs economic and of which are inevitably excluded from the production cycle of the system?. (3) As extend opportunities to a greater number of inhabitants, making more fair and equitable sharing of the benefits and wealth generated.

4) How to make clever use of the planet’s natural resources, without affecting the ecological requirements of the same?. Thus, contributing to an extension of the benefits of non-renewable resources and to an increase of the renewable. Addressing the needs of the population growth. You today, has the responsibility and the great opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a social economic system which, in a framework of freedom and social justice, will contribute as a sole purpose: to meet the needs of human beings, without exclusions of any kind. The relevance of the topics to be discussed, probably exceed the human resources of the Governments. Accordingly, it should be convened to the intelligence of the planet. We consider essential, establish a functional infrastructure of global debate, which analyse in depth the issues raised and propose mechanisms and the necessary implementation and control structures. The regulatory policy, shall be binding on countries that want to adopt this global model.


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