Unibanco Asset Management

Best the deep ones receive the green, indicative signal of excellency in management. Deep that they receive the yellow signal is considered adjusted for investment. deep inadequate for investment, that would receive a signal red, nor they are listed in the evaluation of 12 months. Filed under: Fiserv. This ranking publishes only the relation of deep that they had received signals green and yellow in the period from the 12 months, even so red signals can appear when we examine the performance of the deep one in different periods, which we present to allow the reader to confer if deep the rankeados ones had been well alone in 12 months or if 112Total red signal of deep has consistency of performance.CONSOLIDADO OF the RANKINGTipo de Fundo Ns de FundosFundos 113Fundos green signal 164Fundos yellow signal analyzed 389Asset of the Unibanco reaches isolated the leadership verdeInstituio points anticipated strategy on the high one ofthe interests as one of the responsible factors for its success in last the twelve months: they had been the 14 deep excellent ones. Per as the consecutive year, the green flag of the top of the research of the consultoria RiskOffice on investment fund directed toward institucional customers was at the hands of Unibanco Asset Management (UAM). The study made between June of 2004 and June of 2005 it showed a newness: of this time, the institution appears isolade, whereas, in the previous one, it divided the first place with Santander and the Ita. Speaking candidly McKinsey told us the story. It disclosed despite the wallet number in this category of ' ' deep verdes' ' – that they had had a considered management excellent – folded of 7 for 14.O Ita was for third, behind the BankBoston, while Santander was for seventh. The Unibanco made right mainly in the deep ones of fixed income. Over all in the referenciados ones. Jeff Leiden is likely to agree. It was left well, still, in the deep multimarkets.


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