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It is added in the writing, that ” The power is the first motor of the chimpanzee male – it writes. It is a constant obsession that provides great benefits when it is obtained and an intense bitterness when it is lost () is the aphrodisiac major, and in addition, adictivo.” According to de Waal, they are able to look for allies to arrive at a leadership position and, to stay in the peak, to maintain the balance between ” the own dominance, to have contentments to the allies and to avoid that the mass rebele”. Or to use the tactics of ” it divides and vencers” in order to obtain the submission. It sounds well-known? Signallings that occur in our societies, in all those groups that carry out a significant roll in them Are more, Waal affirms that very subtle the human beings exquisitely we are been in tune to perceive indicating of rank, like certain frequency of the human voice that could operate like an unconscious social instrument. For example, a spectral analysis of the voice of the candidates to president of the United States between 1960 and 2000 revealed that those that had a landlord of more dominant voice were those than they were chosen Luckily, thinks of Waal, the humans also we received characteristics of the bonobos, anthropoid less known, but equally near in the genetic plane, that stand out by their calm spirit, and because they prefer to make the love and not it war. The solution so that it prevails a greater fairness and social harmony, will be to recover to bonobo and to repress the chimpanzee? Frans de Waal suggests bonobos them gentile, loving and equipped with an innate sense for something very similar to the eroticism they are a model equally good to analyze our inheritance of primates. Really, an attractive and surprising exploration of the human morality, contemplated through mirror of our next relatives. The certain thing, that the analysis that appears to us is an invitation to consider that in ours, conduct, behavior indicates action, ways of behavior that still stays in the monkeys, simply, the author proposes to consider this reflection and that each reaches its own conclusions, among them for example, it would be if still we maintain behaviors that according to the theory of the evolution remain, although some have evolved..

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