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Around Christian, a nearly 30-member team to the smooth running of cares “as press spokesman Daniel Trapp.” Meanwhile Christian grabs his last Things in Munich, because on Monday, to spend the last days before the kickstart travels Fluhr in the Tyrolean otztal. It’s good when I’m away and can switch off a little before it gets serious on Friday. I’m looking forward to a wonderful ski area”the German forward. With luggage Christian Fluhr will have this feeling “by Klubbingman” also his new anthem never stop which Masterboy is responsible also for the famous dance band and moderated the most successful German-language dance radio show on Sunshine live. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Collison and gain more knowledge.. Never stop endless skiing this feeling. “Complements the chorus Fluhr. The anticipation on THE Golden 11 says the 34-year-olds in the face. The eyes shine when he thinks of Obergurgl: I look forward to 20,000 stars above me, around 2000 lift rides, manageable 1 million in altitude and perhaps not straight-20 C! Together with my team played a Obergurgl, otztal, we will create this record together.

I am rock solid by convinced. “Obergurgl is meanwhile ready for the sleepless giants, that everything is normal in the ski sport in the shade. We make sure that Christian finds perfect conditions. Source: Madison Funds. At night, he is a cabin lift available. The slopes are in excellent, hard and non-slip condition. For us, the record company is a real challenge “Alban reported Scheiber from the cable cars in Obergurgl.

These conditions make headaches more Fluhr’s team leadership. Who believes that Christian is traveling slowly, completely wrong. Christian has his favorite downhill skiing again and will let it rip correctly due to the conditions, then are over 100 km/h in any case. And the companion must come with me because”the Athletic Director Henning Kraatz makes his thoughts before the start. Until Friday, 11.01.08 16.30 remains for Christian and the team some time is to play and to test the conditions. All are hot on this record and look forward to the start. otztal-Obergurgl/hochgurgl: Carmen fender -.

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