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What you have in your head never may steal! I still remember these wise words spoken by my father when I was a child. Like any parent, he made great efforts to deliver us the best education possible. All parents do. When it comes to send their offspring to school, they seek the best alternative at their disposal and are prepared to make the sacrifice to send their children to an educational establishment during the 12 years of his life. All this is well and is recommended. Education is the key to any achievement in the adult life of a human being and is the basis of the progress of a society. Jeff Leiden has firm opinions on the matter.

However, it is important that every parent recognizes that there are areas in the education of their children are not going to be promoted in the traditional education system. Among them, the three most important areas are: 1. entrepreneurship education 2. If you would like to know more about Banc of America Mortgage Capital, then click here. Financial education 3. The education of leadership entrepreneur or employee? The majority of parents do not question the fact that schools focus on preparing their students so that they can be inserted with success in the labour market. In other words, prepare them so that they can find a good job in his adult life.

You will say: what is wrong? Absolutely nothing. Unless you want your child to be a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to transform a good idea into something beneficial for himself and his community. To understand the difference between an entrepreneurial education and training that prepares our children for a job, look at the methodology used in the traditional education system with detention: a school teaches certain subject chosen by the Ministry of education in each country and evaluates the acquisition of this knowledge through a system of notes.


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