Visionary Incident Household

I have returned many times, especially to reread authors almost forgotten, isolated in the Nimbus of academic classrooms, on the shelves of dusty, visited only by the hands of the wind and distracted and vacant looks on my steps. It is not my case, I have to say without hesitation, but also without vanity. I come every day to the humble enclosure where I locate in alphabetical symmetry all the books that I’ve acquired over the years. Behind a row of text from recent data, somber and melancholic I could see an analogy of the sublime writer, philosopher, thinker, poet and educator Basque Miguel de Unamuno. With delight we delve into the pages of lucid poems, something yellow and brittle already as result of the relentless time than with his Scythe all mowing it, all diluted it, corrupts and fades. Ecstatic in the reading of the verses most representative of his poems, Rosary of lyric sonnets, the Christ of Velasquez, adventures and visions Spanish, rhymes from within, Romance of exile, between many others, we are faced with a little expansion and apparent simplicity intimate part: domestic incident. To compose the poetic piece, check out hand don Miguel free verse to describe an incident with cozy gentleness while it gave to their thoughtful reflections and his little daughter jugueteaba with paper and pencil sitting at his feet in one ordinary afternoon.

Equal free verse your thought, wings to the wind on grasslands of ripe wheat, on the wild breaking waves, slipping between the Tufts of the recent herbs, between the trunks of the trees and the rustic presence of the beasts of the field. This feeling of liberation and independence seduce the most closed spirit faced with the reading of this dawn of future visions. With singular Concord, untethered to the discipline of rhyme, it reels harmonies on the paper with each sign of his magical poetry.

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