Despite the horrors of previous wars, in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan have been isolated new war. In many regions of the world war, continues today. According to the latest WHO victims of wars from 1955 to 2003 were 5.4 million people. But is it inevitable next war? Is there a tool that allows you to change the trend of distribution, or it lies in human nature? Kabbalists say that we may live without wars. To do this we need only to realize that our actions, we impeding achievement goals of our development. Nature and its altruistic goal – to make us like himself. Then between us will come true harmony. We own selfish desires only unleashes a new war, a devastating another.

Why do we came to this state? The nature of man – to do everything just for his own benefit. At the same time he was ready to do so at the expense of others. It is this selfish intention in human development is a destructive element. And we it is possible to fix this item. Our selfishness has developed throughout history and today went to its last stage.

So if they do not begin to manage, it will be so devastating that it will lead to unpredictable consequences. The famous American businessman James Lincoln understood this, controlling the electric company. He writes: “Selfishness – the driving force, bend the human race, as it is, for good or evil. Therefore, it is a force of which we are forced to depend on, but you have to send, if we want to progress the human race. ” However, Lincoln did not know how and where to direct this power. Kabbalists say that we can not overcome their egoistic nature directly. But popustitelstvuya her very sick society we are building, capable of destroying itself sebya.V article ‘Peace’ of the last century great Kabbalist Baal HSulam writes that the only training Higher laws of nature that are not yet known to science, is the only way to build a healthy society. However, the application of these laws can not be imposed. Person must see the result of impact on the world and himself. Only in this case there will be no need for morality, restrictions and penalties. After seeing that harming others, a person harms himself, he will simply stop doing it. So, the growing crisis that threatens us with another war – this is only a consequence of improper use of self-interest. And we are faced with a choice. Or continue to sit idly by in the hope that all settled down by itself. Or listen to the Kabbalists who tell us that the nature of today requires us to active and informed participation in their own development. Only to include, we will reach a happy and peaceful life.

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