Western Europe

To the traveller who has been leaving to the foreigner and has desire to save for lack to rely on following advice: the possibility of saving in an feeding, the telephone negotiations, the purchase of the different merchandise. The economy in an feeding For the economy in the food the tourist can acquire the place, whose price this " everything incluido" , that is to say sera supplied by the Swedish table during the whole day. But such trips, where that system is used, it has rather little (with the exception of the cruises, the spas and the hotels of the club). Nevertheless, if You do not wish to repagar by an feeding in the cafeteria and the restaurants, podra, for example, to buy in the store the fried hen or the chicken just preparations. Then that is cheap. Or to acquire the dry breakfast, for example, the flakes and to spill them with milk. This preparation the breakfast for You! The economy in the purchases.

If the tourist glides to make the purchases abroad, in order it economy makes lack take advantage of system TAX FREE, having visited the store with this standard. The system Global Refund the International offers to the tourists the possibility back of receiving at the time of its return of the foreigner the component sum of the taxes by the merchandise. In addition, if it leaves for Western Europe, it will be necessary to abstain until the arrival to that one country, where the relative level of the prices is more under possible. For example, traveling to Scandinavia, it is necessary to postpone the purchase of the clothes, the footwear and other merchandise before the entrance to Sweden. Also it is necessary to buy the materials to take photos and to film (the tapes for the filmadoras) before his game to the country of the trips.


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