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We achieved everything that we want it to achieve, but we are unable to focus on what you do really sublime to human existence within a fairness of concepts. If it is difficult to establish which is the average of human desires, there are certain guidelines that are valid to keep in mind when it comes to generalize the search for happiness and fullness of living together in peace! We understand the pain and suffering. Few enjoy with this sensation in his own skin, but it is known that the rejection and denial to these conditions for the own existence is general, always wondering how it is possible that Western governments forward these values at the time of choosing sentences? Arguing that the expendable items are soldiers ranging in front, he is not considered within a civilian situation, since it rejects all kinds of military confrontation, replacing it with peace and social harmony, understanding that the decisions should not span patterns of pain and sacrifice by its definition. In the governmental language is removed the mention of the citizen as the final value of the objectives of the correctional power, a total percentage to dominate the assessment of processes with possible money to raise, using them – according to the latest fashions doctrinal-to sustain the costs of the political class, which do not produce but that consume, no objectives or actual parameters of the intentions of the system with his own name holders. The attempt to paraphrase that international agencies are in process of concern to ensure the well-being and the continuity of the human being in the face of the Earth has expired, promptly when the opening of globalization supedito the Nations before who possess greater capital in movement, independent of the regime that prevails in every global region, grabbing the command of humanity towards a labour multi-directionality possessionwhere ethical values ceased to exist to be replaced by the independence of the authority away from their constituencies! As the control left their cause into the hands of the taxes, hold the Summit of unproductive salary – without justifying its assessment nor accountable for their ignorant mistakes – is the sole objective of all upstart, which without any nationality model assumes the cause of politicians minimizing the consequences of their actions only attends to his family circle and its fledgling game entrepreneur. This conception immoral to assume functions inherent in a nation, discarded by definition unique of the pursuit of happiness concept, since maintaining this criterion amputates the class function that holds his power, despising human values as part of a society and its development, leaving randomly from the ability of citizens, their problems and their survivalonly assesses the issuance of money obtained from them to administer it to their advantage and of conspecifics power takes precisely the interference of his colleagues to the extent of the cast. Original author and source of the article.

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