WINS Industry

Google has completed the purchase of the search engine and provider of the travel industry ITA Software, for $ 700 million (572 million) in cash, with which strengthened its dominance in Internet searches. The agreement assumes the incursion of the leading advertising and Internet search in the business of travel on the network information, and allows Google to strengthen its service searches and point to more specific users. However, there are players in the industry worried that Google finished taking a too large in the sector influence. ITA is a great source of information about the rates for aviation industry, used by airlines, travel agents and other sites that include American Airlines, AMR, Continental Airlines, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz and Bing, from Microsoft. Google left out bidders such as, Expedia, Travelport. Its technology opens up exciting possibilities to create new ways for users to find more easily online flight information, and We have many WINS of welcoming them in Google, said Chief Executive Eric Schmidt in a statement. The internet giant, is asserting its expanding status as more quickly in different trade, and most of them has nothing to do with the internet, most however, Google seeks to give an approach toward such direction. ?By Leonel Morales. This and more news in: new design!


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