World Golconda

Some stories say that one of the Patriarchs has found a way to Golconda, and that he wants to bring other Damned to Golconda, and plans to break their opponents. SASC brings even more insight to the discussion. In truth, no one can or wants to say, though, all this or not. In Camarilla Golconda regarded as a pleasant, quirky, but ultimately – a fairy tale, an allegory for the maintenance of humanity, but nothing more. Some of Inconnu are believed to possess secrets of Golconda, and actively help in its achievement, but again, these hermits so a lot of rumors. Sabbath on the contrary, despises Golconda, seeking her as unworthy of true vampires. 'Wolves' – they say – 'should not try to imitate the sheep'.

The search for Golconda refer not only to search for hidden knowledge, but also the search for truth in a vampire himself. It is known that the vampires who want to achieve Golconda should feel – and show – repentance. The more sins of the vampire, the more necessary penance. Vampires who want to attain Golconda should look for a family of his old victims, and somehow compensate for their atrocities, protect the weak and try to make the World of Darkness better. This inevitably entails the maintenance of humanity as well as consumption of Willpower on it to do good deeds (and to avoid evil) as possible. Achievement of Golconda – long and arduous process. For vampires, looking for Golconda, must meet certain criteria. They must achieve a high level assessment of the values of humanity and conscience, and they need to support these values for its existence.


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