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It is clear that such way it was impossible to get objective statistics on the effectiveness of the use of different methods prodvizheniya.Ispolzovanie different identity – is a modification of the first method. The essence of this method is in contact with that company's website, the visitor is assigned a unique identification number by which you can find. Often, companies offer an additional discount on their services at naming your ID number, hold special drawings and prizes distribution to motivate visitors to use these numbers when calling into the company. So, if you call the company visitor provides a unique identification number that is recorded in a database and through which a connection is established between a specific call and data from accounting systems for site statistics. Nouriel Roubini understood the implications. This method is much more effective than the first, but also can not give a full picture of what is happening due to the fact that here, too, plays an important role, so-called "human factor". Click ECRI to learn more. "calls the Task" from Yandex Metrics – new to track the calls from the company Yandex. The essence of this method is that visitors who come to the site on contextual advertising in Yandex Yandex Market Direct's or shows a telephone number other than the main one.

How does it work? If you are placing contextual advertising site in Yandex Direct, you connect the service "call target", you will provide a special phone number (Individual direct Moscow number in area 495). All clients who came on contextual advertising in Yandex Direct Market or will see on your page this number instead of contact telephone number of your company. Each call to this number is forwarded to your phone number, and information about the call comes in Yandeks.Metriku. Thus, all customer calls from PPC Market Direct's and will be considered and reflected in the report Yandex Metric. All other users (who have come not from directives or market) will see on your site your contact number. However, this method also has disadvantages: – With the service "call target" you can track how many calls were received by you only for contextual advertising from Yandex Yandex Direct and Market, and thus evaluate the effectiveness of these tools. Unfortunately, for other sources of advertising such information via "target call," you do not get it.

– If the person is calling for "change" number several times, for example, do not you call first or just perezvanivaya the next day to clarify the emerging issues, the Yandex Metrics these calls will be treated as different. Thus, the total number of calls recorded in the metric will be greater than their actual number. – If the person found on site in Yandex contextual advertising Direct and added it, such as a favorite. After this, go to the bookmark, he sees an ordinary phone number of the company, because there is not in use contextual advertising, and, calling to him, could not be counted Yandex Metric, although it originally came to the site of the directives. Thus, while not considered a "target call" an ideal way to track calls. However, today we can say that this is a big step toward a new, more effective methods of tracking incoming calls from contextual advertising.

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