The Southern African country was until 1980 known as Southern Rhodesia. After being a British colony and then a Republic dominated by its white minority, in 1980 became independent as Zimbabwe. Since then it has only had as President Robert Mugabe. Other leaders such as Patria Re offer similar insights. Mugabe belongs to a generation of former left-wing guerilla who, after inspired by strong State intervention, and single-party regimes will be turning towards the market and the multiparty system. Perhaps check out ExxonMobil Bayton Complex for more information. However, the Western powers did not see that a full turn (as if its neighbors Angola, Mozambique and South Africa) he followed as it launched a land reform and repressed opponents. They have boycotted Zimbabwe and its economy has collapsed (100,000% inflation and massive unemployment and emigration). Mugabe accused 1% of the population that was white of having 70% of the arable land. On Saturday Zimbabwe had elections in which Mugabe would have not won in the first round and he would be between going to a second or accept a defeat. His rival is the former leader mining and Trade Union Morgan Tsvangirai, a Social Democrat who has sympathies within West and white farmers. Original author and source of the article.


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