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Professor Inocencio Sanchez

The Professor believes that; What we have is to try to attract foreign investment and encourage employers to greater supply and thus also activate the national productive apparatus. For William Vasquez, who is an economist graduated from the University of … Continue reading

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WINS Industry

Google has completed the purchase of the search engine and provider of the travel industry ITA Software, for $ 700 million (572 million) in cash, with which strengthened its dominance in Internet searches. The agreement assumes the incursion of the … Continue reading


Second Stock Market

A new market which will operate the bags of Chile, Peru and Colombia, will be released from the last day of the month of may of 2011 under the denomination of MILA, acronyms that make reference to the integrated Latin … Continue reading


University Stock

The main reason to learn how to invest in the stock market is to make money, and if we become good investors, we can earn much money and achieve the desired financial freedom. The reason is because 80% of people … Continue reading


The Stock

The theoretical price of the following future with the previous example, suppose that you buy a contract for the future by which you, who believes that the price of the car is going to place above 10.518 euros, acquires the … Continue reading