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Infectious Diseases

In the invasion to Panama of 1999, the inhabitants of Pacora – in mountains near the capital they were bombed with a chemical agent who burned the skin to them, produced irritation to them and it caused diarrhoeas to them. … Continue reading


Latin America

FAO warns that 80% of the global fish stocks are overexploited. 30% Of marine species are below the safe biological limit. Each day grows the fear that may not regenerate. In a few years, seas will be esquilmados and the … Continue reading

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David Sherlock

A book contains many citations. To the times they are diverse to the reality. They present rare episodes and absurd conditions. in these cases is that the writer Howard infundia Bottom in sensations that it remembered to have lived, so … Continue reading



There are different steps you must have encuenta to write articles, you have to make sure that what you are writing is relevant.If you know for certain that your product can be useful, then you have to do an investigation … Continue reading

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Positions Your Product As The Best In The Market

Today, there is a wide variety of products and different brands on the market, and when we go shopping, we are always looking for depending on the quality of the product and the price. However, many times the price not … Continue reading

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