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Small Companies

SIMPLE NACIONALA Complementary Law 123/2006 was created with the objective to establish relative general norms to the treatment differentiated and favored to be excused to the micron and small companies, in the scope being able of them of the Union, … Continue reading


Price Equivalence

What is the cost, and how it formed? Generally, if very briefly, the problem is solved quite simply. All markets at all times in its development of new and vibrational returns to equilibrium when the demand for goods is balanced … Continue reading

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Learn Chinese

Under the Chinese language most commonly understood dialect in the country – Mandarin (also called "Mandarin"), which has the status of official language of China. The most popular Chinese language among residents of the East Asian region, mostly in Japan … Continue reading

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Executive Drawings

– A common feature of executive drawings, ie drawings, which shows the deviation of structures, buildings, structural elements of the project. Show how much bias toward the column and in what direction, for example. But sometimes the superintendents are asked … Continue reading


Success: Becoming A Hunter

Each man lives instinct ancestors. The instinct of a predator, hunter, miner. Read the signs on the ground, patiently sitting in ambush, tirelessly pursue the victim, attack and throw – that is, life! In this present purpose of men! And … Continue reading


Building Materials

Silicate, production of which began several decades ago, are used much less frequently. A size standard brick is single – 250h120h65 mm sesquialteral – 250x120x88 mm and double- – 250h120h138 mm (ceramic stone), the shape – rectangular, profile, angular with … Continue reading