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The Chemical

However, they decomposed and give their energy, partially digested and structural change. Now suppose that in addition to changing the chemical composition of consumed with food and drink substances in our body there is another equally important mechanism. This mechanism … Continue reading


Oxygen Cells

Another danger of free radicals is an extension of their own merits. Normally, the chemically active molecules Oxygen protect against alien agents, killing bacteria and viruses. This process is regulated by antioxidants (or antioxidants), which keep free radicals at bay. … Continue reading


Twist Fiber

Can we say the same about the future of the mass of fibers? A few years ago led to talk about himself spandex fiber, are of great interest to general consumers. Its main advantage – a very large elasticity. Spandex … Continue reading

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Russians Domain

The rule of "beginners luck" is valid, but very long. In what areas should register a domain (if not for the project, but under further selling)? 1. In the first place in the country where you live. If you can … Continue reading


Emilio Alberto Restrepo

It proposes a publication, whether to put it to skate in the swamp of alleged plagiarism. Official site: Fleetcor Technologies Inc.. If the colleague comes to trade abroad, it is an opportunistic parasite; If you exit to give statements in … Continue reading

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It never remembers you must throw the towel only passes what happens your you must fight until the end, the women that you would perseveran they obtain it. Recurdelo Always! 3. – You have Feels Respected I am going it … Continue reading

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First Call Resolution Service

As already mentioned, one of the most important parameters of performance call center, which characterizes not only the performance center service calls, but also the quality of customer service is the FCR. Now back to the question of why high … Continue reading


The Preparation

The domestic economy will be a complement for those who have a job private or public; more be the mode of subsistence of those who have lost their jobs or have not achieved the first. Before any other consideration would … Continue reading


Ron Hubbard

After completing these preparatory steps, Professor Sharma started a test project for students the mount Gauri Shankar school. The eighth and ninth grade students were made familiar with the three obstacles of learning and simple principles of Hubbard were taught … Continue reading