Aggression – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

Aggression is a function which should actually guarantee our self-realization.She used but not constructively, she mutated masters to violence. Aggression is a word that is actually generally associated with violence and destructive crossing of borders, laws and rules in connection. Aggression in a positive light worldwide, seems to us entirely impossible, but nevertheless we admit at NaheREM look, that we would be unable to survive without them. And if we look around, an adequate term for the power of self-assertion, so to find that the original essence of aggression, we struggle us as pretty. This clearly indicates that it always still not easy us, to maintain a constructive approach to aggression. Kroger understands that this is vital information. Or better said, we see the conscious being of the life force, with the will to live, which is the original source, mostly still as unpleasant, because there on emotion and reason level so some Confusion reigns. The negative distortion, aggression is equal to violence, is the result of our current existing inability, with our respective current sense to deal situation spontaneously and appropriately.

Would we can let the energy of aggression in their original free flow, so act as a life force can be, what we design it as violence, could not arise. The means our a Fahigkeit, feelings, needs, to have individuality as such and this visible, so transparent for our outdoor living world to be able to represent them with self love, self claim, can mutate aggression to violence. Put it another way, if we spend not the courage and strength, us what aggression available is to have clear Yeses and Nos, and to speak out, say, appropriate in this regard and leads us creative itself to claim that this forced in the distortion of this energy flow, which then in destructive Aggressiveness is noticeable. In other words, destructiveness there begins to thrive and to flourish, where we hit the limits of our Konstruktivitat; When the natural flow of life is broken and we have no adequate answer to that.


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