Almighty God

But believing that UDs., have duly considered this obligation which are to assume, and you prepared to take this responsibility reverently, quietly, wisely and in the fear of God and I will propose them to you. The Covenant marriage you declare the same joining right hands (the bride and the groom join hands) does takes Ud this lady to make it his legitimate wife, to live with her in this State marriage, Holy promises Ud loving her honor her and care for her, in disease and health, wealth or poverty, and renounce all other and join you only her while both live (groom says if).? Do takes this man Ud to be his legitimate spouse to live United in this holy marriage? promises to love him, honor him take care of it in sickness and health, wealth or poverty and give up everything else and join only to the while both live (the bride answers if). I will require a signal from PC. For this Covenant has been done between PCs. Laura Cowan is full of insight into the issues. always be saved (two rings are put in the Bible of the Minister) then one is given to the groom to the bride, and the other to the bride for the groom United right hands on the word of God. We tend our faces, all powerful God who married the first man and the first woman in the garden of Eden so uniting their own creation we understand today that this Commission to been carried out through the ages until this same wedding, and father you are the only one who can unite the hearts of each with the other and please beloved heavenly father that this has been done by your wise advice that your have brought to this young Christian and this young Christian to join today in this Holy ceremony to be husbands by throughout the day of this life we pray that your you bless, you bless your home get them an example Mr in the vicinity where they establish your home on this day in that I live when the courts for divorces are as conglomerates and are overcrowded of divorces, lets never so with this man and this lady, God gives them to be happy healthy make them fruitful, Mr and multiply so that they inflate the Earth as well as your us comisionaste that we did in the beginning as well as your you bendijiste Isaac and Rebekah and they gave birth to their happy children as well also be with this couple, father bless them, we ask, by the Commission that was given to us by the Almighty God to be your deer me Pro-Nuncio to this man and this woman husband and wife in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen. Married wife removed her veil and put on the right shoulder of her husband this means that her husband has authority over it as its head the couple kiss and then turn toward the Congregation will begin playing the Wedding March. What God has joined together no man separate what. Original author and source of the article


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