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The MyPhone Austria’s Salzburg telephone provider expands its product range after several successful years of Austrian phone provider announces for the first time a completely new product: MyPhone Austria will offer in the future not only fixed network tariffs (preselection), but also a complete connection to the market, which offers the possibility to Austrian customers, without connecting the Telekom Austria about MyPhone to make phone calls. Long-time success product: landline for almost three years the Salzburg telephone provider numerous fixed-line tariffs offered as flexibly and individually as possible the chance to give its customers with a telephone at the Telekom cheap on the MyPhone Austria to call Austria. This is done in the form of a so-called preselection”, i.e. with a permanent preference: the Telekom telephone is preset on the MyPhone Austria Austria and the customer shall be able, without annoying call-by-call prefix about MyPhone to make calls, you have only the handset after the changeover lift off and already one on the phone to the favourable conditions of the MyPhone Austria without changes to the numbers or the existing telephone line. “The MyPhone Austria provides in this area offer many telephone tariffs, with which the customer can choose his personal rate exactly according to his phone behavior: MyPhone Austria currently nine different fixed network tariffs offers, all of which target a different audience: from the infrequent callers, the for the tariff of Franz 22.0” decides and 220 monthly free minutes flat receives via the Vieltelefonierer fare Sissi “”, with which you can call around the clock at a fixed price, up to the tariff of Franz easy business” for business customers: MyPhone Austria has made it his task to take into account all types of telephone behavior in their collective development.

Thus also the seniors benefit, to make phone calls, cheap about MyPhone Austria come because the phone provider in Salzburg recently the collective 55 + SeniorenSpecial” launched. For even more opinions, read materials from Mike Gianoni. And who is much on the way, opts for the mobile radio product SissiMobile”at MyPhone Austria, everyone will find his optimum tariff. “Due to high demand: complete connection lately has been the demand from our customers after one complete growing”, says Fredy Scheucher, managing partner of MyPhone Austria GmbH. The advantages of a single connection are obvious: the customer no longer receives separate phone bills, but only a single two, moreover, he has just one contact and must not differentiate if he wants to optimize its existing contract or terminate his phone provider. lated pages. With the complete connection of the MyPhone Austria GmbH all these problems are”solved: MyPhone is expected from April 2010 can port telephone connections of Telekom Austria, can completely switch to MyPhone Austria. MyPhone Austria GmbH’s customers can take their existing phone numbers of course, get but technically considered its own connection with the inexpensive phone calls about MyPhone Austria GmbH to surf.


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