Barnstokr Game

Before proceeding directly to the passage, I will explain a few things. 1) The game is laid three versions of events – two at the end of each of the options, depending on your actions. The "book" version Development: humanoids – it's Moses and Luarvik, robots – Olga and Olaf. In an alternative: the humanoids – du Barnstokr and Luarvik, robots – Simone and Brun. And in the third branch of the unexpected … For more specific information, check out BP CEO. However, I will not jump ahead. 2) The game will unused items, do not let this confuse you.

3) If you're not in a game of cards and dartc or not a big fan of ski racing – do not despair, these mini-games do not affect the passage. 4) The problem that many may encounter – scroll items in inventory. In order to implement scrolling, press the left mouse button at the bottom point of the scale inventory and holding it, turn the wheel. Hotel. So, we see a police inspector, Peter Glebskii, which, on the advice of his colleagues, decided to rest in the mountain hotel "Dead Mountaineer", famously drove to the main entrance to the "Moskvich". On the porch of the hotel he is met by the owner on behalf of Alec Snevar. Tell him hello from an old friend, although you can just ask for a sharp tone to register you (here you can treat yourself to a game of 'bad' and 'good' cop, selecting the options dialog – the passage is not much affected, but will entertain you).

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