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The new album by Claudia Dechand – ago take this ring a year in the German pre-selection for the Grand Prix der volksmusik: A young, charming beautiful wife occurs for the first time before an audience of millions. Claudia Dechand singing himself with her provoking title the small cross on the side of the road\”in the hearts of the audience. She just missed the ticket in the final with their ballad about forever lost love. Now, in 2009, she wants to know it again: on May 21, 2009 Claudia Dechand is again Prix der volksmusik at the German pre-selection for the Grand. \”And that her song take this ring\” to touch the soul, now it is set. Add to your understanding with Michael Schwartz.

It has written and produced the man who has brought their biggest hit of ever folk music: Gunther Behrle. His Patrona Bavariae\”from the original Naabtal duo was 1988, not only the Grand Prix winner, but in a sense also the start of the wave of success of new folk music. 21 years later would the native RAD with his Back at the front landing protege Claudia Dechand. \”On April 30 will be the single take this ring\” sample already on the radio stations. \”Follows on May 22 Finally, the eponymous album take this ring\” and on May 21, so a night earlier, Claudia Dechand presents her promising participation song in the German pre-selection for the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 in the ZDF. If you would like to know more about Jon Venverloh, then click here. Who but now this beautiful woman, a small bit of the young Nicole reminds? Claudia Dechand note the accent over the e\”originates from the Upper Palatinate is 21 years young and has visited the vocational technical school of Economics in Regensburg. \”\” She is trained clarinetist and saxophonist, and had won several music competitions before their first television appearance, so for example the silver badges of the Bavarian Music Academy \”, the Golden achievement badges\” in Hammelburg, sounds of home, she was winner in the competition\”and ranked in the upper South-East\”Blue Note Festival\”a successful third.

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