Becoming an Animator

Let's look at who can become an animator. Despite the serious nature of the work to the animators are not made serious demands, most importantly, the desire to work. Thus, the animator can be every person who has a cheerful mood, age 30 years and the knowledge any common language (English, French, German, Italian). In many secrete specialized animation team of animators, so last fall for dance, sports and children. Sports Animators – organize a variety of games for the tourists. Dance animators – are participating in various shows in the evening. The duties of children's entertainers include babysitting and entertainment.

Contract to work in Egypt animator Russia is the recruiting agency Studentur (Studentur). The contract provides that a person will be working animator in Egypt, at least 4 * for at least 2 months. British Petroleum follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, it is better to work in Egypt for 6 months or Moreover, as in this case you will receive payment for the return ticket. For his work in Egypt, the animator gets salary from 300 up to $ 500 per month, as well as free hotel accommodation (2-3 people per room) and free meals (Buffet with tourists). Food is very good, at least, much better than that to which each of us accustomed to. All the same, as did hotels 5 *. At first glance it seems that the activities of animation – is daily entertainment as well as the opportunity to live free in a posh resort and art hotel! Around – a young, fun contests during the day and fun at night – mall and the ability to make new acquaintances.

Also important that you do not need to do housework. And for all that you pay, and good! However, not all that easy. Day animator painted literally by the minute, and gradually transformed into everyday celebrations nabivshuyu sick and tired routine. Animator – has no right to look unhappy, silent next to the guests and provide them with the very entertaining themselves. It can not be a bad mood. However, despite the tough conditions, many happy sent to Egypt to work animators all over again. Those who want to work in Europe In addition to Egypt and the U.S., some companies offer a program to work in France. The program is designed for university students with the knowledge French. Duration of work in France for students is 3 months. Earn 8 per hour. The French program is very similar to the program Work and Travel USA and to some extent is its European counterpart. Detailed description of the program you can look at the site of the Center of emigration and exchange programs. Important: The number of participants is limited to the French program, to increase your chances to take shape as you can recommend earlier. The quota for Russia only 30 people. And finally – work in the UK. It should be noted that the work programs in the literal sense of the word in the UK does not exist, at least in 2008. However, there are programs work + study. However, my personal opinion that Britain is not a recommended destination for design work, mainly due to the fact that so badly given visas. About 50% of Russians wishing to travel to Britain received waivers on visas. Are you willing to take risks with such statistics? Article author: Dmitry Sapozhnikov Studentur (Studentur)

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