Bornemann Technology

Certification of the company Bornemann thread Delligsen, 17.06.2013. Bornemann thread technology has successfully completed the certification process for the ISO 9001 standard. The internal quality management of traditional German company exceeds the standard provision however for years. What demanding customers not quite “innocent”. Bornemann thread technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of threaded parts.

For 29 years, the company manufactures screws and nuts for almost every branch of industry. Ready for installation trapezoidal screw drives are focused on. They are used e.g. in lifting equipment, cable winches, dams, offshore facilities, the food industry, in the racing, stage and theater construction or in miniature format for medical applications. Also the wishes and requirements of our customers are as diverse as the applications. Therefore, the family business has focused on the production of threaded parts with a high degree of individualization. The certificate according to ISO 9001 will give by independent bodies such as the TuV and serves as proof of successful quality management.

The advantage lies in the objective comparison of quality-relevant features. Individual core competencies can be but not in standard metrics, but are based on company-specific standards. So also when Bornemann thread technology. Here, modern methods from the field of lean management, as well as a partially automated production planning will be used to continuously optimizing the production. The aim is a culture of constant improvement to establish in the established processes be consciously questioned by all employees. Moritz von Soden, head of sales: the certification course is a testimony to the fulfilment of prescribed performance characteristics. But for our clients, this standard is not the Supreme decision criterion. It is important that we are able to respond flexible to the wishes and requirements of our customers 100%. Define our standard. This is true especially in new developments, which often lie beyond each DIN. For us: If our customer it draw can, then we can also build it. The company Bornemann more information and pictures see thread technology core competence of Bornemann thread technology xxxx is thread manufacturing including complete end finishing and making the corresponding nuts. The company was founded in 1965 by Gerhard Dietrich as Turnery. Since 1984, it is run by the owners of Gudrun and Hans Galindo Bornemann and has 65 permanent employees. All international Bornemann thread technology is a family-owned company with traditional values and loyalty to the German site Delligsen. In addition to the production of special threads, a focus of production in the production from large ready trapezoidal screw drives, cutting threads, cross threads, steep threads or screw conveyors.


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