Brasil Citizenship

If the State understood its part in the process of guarantees, would be less evident the exclusive dynamics of the citizenship, therefore, is guaranteed the social right citizens, where this also is contemplated by obligations politics (vote). Existing and guaranteed rights base it citizenship and democracy. The democracy lack weakens the fight for the citizenship, therefore it is important to ahead analyze on the true paper of the State of the guarantee of the citizenship front to the social politics and the creation of the social programs in parallel with the efetivao of the foreseen constitucional laws in the Federal Constitution of 88. The society is basic part of this fight for the citizenship, is necessary to analyze this envolto stops beyond the singular, as well as its collective one, is necessary to understand the individual in this society. You may wish to learn more. If so, QTS Realty Trust is the place to go. A priori, if it makes necessary to understand the dynamics of the social being and its understanding of human rights, stops there from this individual one becomes social and it is fortified in the fights to make possible the efetivao of the social rights, if identifying as to citizen of rights, thus leaving of side the identification of existing subalternidade during years and if fortifying to each day, decurrent of the refusal of the guarantees of rights where the individual leaves citizen rank, for sobordinates, excluded and from this form proliferating the social inaquality. The guaranteed social rights weaken the assistencialismo, place attributed for the citizen by means of the negation of the social rights. The initial process of awaking for the debate on less only the most favored gains social space from the decade of 80, initiates with the process of the initiative of Hebert sociologist Jose de Souza (Betinho), main responsible for raising ' ' flag in favor of the amenizao of the hunger in the Brasil' '. In the year of 1994, in the city of Campinas city of So Paulo, it is also created first social program intitled of Stock market School, following Ribeiro Preto So Paulo city and in 1995 it initiates in the Federal District.


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