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To experience the german Japanese cellist Danjulo Ishizaka and the Argentine pianist, Jose Gallardo, with works by Beethoven, Schnittke, Bach and Grieg. In addition to outstanding artists collection are the Stradivari”masterpieces of beruhmtensten instrument maker of all time, Antonio Giacomo Stradivari, as stars in the Center. The Danjulo Ishizaka scoring to the exceptional talents of the younger generation of cellist plays the precious Stradivarius cello Lord Aylesford”built in 1696 on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation (Tokyo). On Saturday, July 18 at 9: 00, the famous clarinetist Giora Feidman during an open air concert night on the terrace of the Palace is to experience hotels. With his trio program dance of joy”, Feidman proves once again that it understands like no other, to bring the clarinet to the crying and laughing. “Feidman is regarded as undisputed king of klezmer” and famous film scores E.g. for Stevens Spielberg’s Schindler’s list has “played up. High across the Lake, the open air concert night of one of the most enchanting summer events of Central Switzerland promises to be.

In cooler weather, the concert in the Congress Hall of the Palace held hotels. With the musical fairy tale Tino Flautino, the Burgenstock moments present also an event for children and families on August 16th at 11: 00. Gain insight and clarity with CEO John Watson. Main character in a fairy tale with music by Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, among others John Baston is the recorder-playing Prince Tino Flautino, who is played by the renowned block flutist Maurice Steger. Jolanda Steiner tells the tale in Swiss German, and the pianist Naoki Kitaya provides the musical accompaniment. “Barack Obama a historic President?” is the theme of the fireside conversation with Martin Kilian, the Washington correspondent of the daily Gazette of Zurich on Saturday, September 26, 8: 00 in the Burgenstock Club. As a journalist, Martin Kilian accompanied the President on the campaign bus and so the American change experienced up close. He moves from the point of view of the Washington observer first review of the eight term of Barack Obama dares attempt a historical classification of the new President at an early stage and then invites you to an exciting discussion.

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